we are developing neuroprotective treatments to improve recovery and the everyday lives of patients with critical brain and retina damage

We are continuing the development of the drug Ronopterin for patients suffering from acute, severely debilitating and life-threatening diseases.
veriNOS’ lead product Ronopterin is in late-stage clinical development.
Ronopterin is the first and only selective inhibitor of inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase (iNOS) which has repeatedly shown signs of biochemical and clinical neuroprotection in patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI).
In two late-stage clinical trials Ronopterin significantly reduced brain glutamate in the human injured brain (microdialysis), reduced therapy aggressiveness, improved neurological outcome (extended Glasgow Outcomes Scale, eGOS), and improved Quality of Life (QOLIBRI).
There is strong enthusiasm and support from Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and treating physicians, with a clear regulatory pathway for marketing authorization in the EU and US for the treatment of TBI. TBI data is expected in 3 years with potential treatment options in 4 years.
The mechanism of action of Ronopterin, particularly the reduction of elevated brain glutamate carries strong potential for a neuroprotective franchise in other indications such as reduction of life-threatening brain edema in neuro-oncology and vision-impairing retinal edema in ophthalmology addressing the high unmet medical needs in these areas.
KOL support enables rapid access to cost-effective proof of concept (POC) studies in these broader indications with results possible in short-term time frames.
New IP has been filed which extends protection until 2042 with orphan drug designation in the EU and 10 years market exclusivity for TBI.
Our own research shows that Ronopterin

reduces disease severity

prevents progressive damage

enhances limited treatment options

advances relevant symptom management

improves clinical outcome and Quality of Life

We are continuing the development of our late-stage clinical drug Ronopterin for patients suffering from acute, severely debilitating and life-threatening diseases.
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Mode of Action

is a selective iNOS inhibitor
binds to the endogenous BH4 binding site
rapidly lowers excessive NO and radical production
decreases extracellular brain glutamate and cell damage
reduces excessive inflammatory response and edema formation

What we do

At veriNOS Pharmaceuticals, we focus on the clinical development of a drug that specifically inhibits a defined cascade that is relevant and common in different disease settings.
The activation of iNOS with subsequent excessive production of cell damaging radicals and massive excitotoxic glutamate increase is of crucial importance in all of our indications of interest.
Our goal of using Ronopterin is to selectively inhibit upregulated iNOS to reduce radicals and excitotoxic glutamate levels.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Ronopterin – treatment to reduce traumatic brain damage and improve patient outcomes
To date, we are still lacking a specific drug to treat the acute and long-term devastating consequences of traumatic brain injury.


Ronopterin – treatment to reduce peritumoral brain edema and improve patient outcomes
Adequate pharmacologic control of peritumoral edema in glioblastoma and brain metastases is still insufficient and is limited by side effects in more than 50% of the patients.

Diabetic Retinopathy

Ronopterin – treatment to reduce retinal edema and improve patient outcomes
Adequate, pharmacologic control of retinal edema progression in diabetes is still insufficient. More than 50% of patients suffer from impairing side effects and require repetitive injections into the eye.

Who we are

Our management team consists of experienced biopharma executives with complementary backgrounds, including corporate governance, finance, medicine and science.

Andrew Clark, PhD

Board Chairman

Clemens Doppler, PhD

Vice Board Chairman

Klaas de Boer

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Christopher Townsend

Board Member

Irina Antonijevic, MD, PhD

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