In a nutshell

Ronopterin is a highly selective inhibitor of inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase (iNOS)
  • First and only iNOS inhibitor with repeated signs of biochemical and clinical neuroprotection in patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • In two late-stage clinical trials Ronopterin significantly
    • reduced brain glutamate in the human injured brain (microdialysis)
    • decreased therapy aggressiveness
    • improved neurological outcome (extended Glasgow Outcomes Scale, eGOS)
    • improved Quality of Life (QOLIBRI)
  • Strong enthusiasm and support from Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and treating physicians.
  • Clear regulatory pathway for marketing authorization in the EU and US for the treatment of TBI.
  • With next trials, results are expected in 3 years with application for marketing authorization in 4 years.
  • The mechanism of action of Ronopterin, particularly the reduction of elevated brain glutamate carries strong potential for a neuroprotective franchise in other indications with high unmet medical needs such as
    • reduction of life-threatening brain edema in neuro-oncology
    • vision-impairing retinal edema in ophthalmology
  • KOL support enables rapid access to cost-effective proof of concept (POC) studies in these broader indications with results possible in short-term time frames.
  • New IP has been filed which extends protection until 2042.
  • Orphan drug designation in the EU with 10 years market exclusivity for TBI.

Who we are

Our management team consists of experienced biopharma executives with complementary backgrounds, including corporate governance, finance, medicine and science.
Ronopterin is the first and only selective inhibitor of inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase (iNOS) which has repeatedly shown signs of biochemical and clinical neuroprotection in patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Management Team

Christian Wandersee

Chief Executive Officer
  • > 20 years C level positions in Biotech Industry
  • MBA from University of Wurzburg, Germany
  • Industrial apprenticeship at VARTA Batterie AG, Hanover Germany

Prof John Stover, MD, PhD

Chief Medical Officer
  • > 20 years clinical and pre-clinical research with > 15 years clinical experience
  • > 10 years senior level industry experience (Fresenius Kabi, Alexion, Vifor Pharma)
  • MD from University of Mainz, Germany, PhD from University of Zurich, Switzerland, Intensive Care Physician

Frank Tegtmeier, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer
  • > 35 years industry experience in Pharma and Biotech Industry (Janssen-Cilag, vasopharm)
  • In-depth knowledge of transferring compounds from pre-clinical development to clinical evaluation
  • PhD from Organic Chemistry at Hanover University, Germany

Supervisory Board

Andrew Clark, PhD

Board Chairman
  • Independent consultant in Biotechnology
  • > 10 years in investment management (Smith NewCourt, Baring Securities, Finsbury Asset Management, Close Brothers)
  • He has been a non-executive Director with numerous Life Science companies including Tepnel Ltd, Prometic Life Sciences, LifeLine Scientific, CC Bio Ltd and Vasopharm GmbH
  • Post-Doctoral research fellow in Neuroscience at Oxford University (PhD St. Andrews)
  • Founder Director of mAb Designs Ltd

Clemens Doppler, PhD

Vice Board Chairman
  • Portfolio and Fund Manager
  • > 10 years of industry experience (Boehringer Mannheim, Phoenix Int. Life Science)
  • > 20 years in Venture Capital (Technologieholding, 3i group)
  • PhD in Molecular Biology from University of Heidelberg (DKZF – German Cancer Research Center)

Klaas de Boer

Board Member
  • Independent Chair/NED/angel investor
  • 25 years in Venture Capital (Vanenburg Group, Entrepreneurs Fund) and other roles in the VC ecosystem
  • 5 years’ experience as strategy consultant (McKinsey)
  • MSc in Applied Physics from Delft University, Netherlands & MBA from INSEAD, France

Christopher Townsend

Board Member
  • Investment Director at Hansa Capital GmbH, director at Ocean Wilsons Holdings Ltd.
  • 20 years’ experience in private equity
  • Solicitor, MA History Peterhouse, Cambridge, UK & MBA from London Business School, UK

Irina Antonijevic, MD, PhD

Board Member
  • Independent Consultant
  • Chief Medical Officer at EveryOne Medicine
  • >20 years of drug development experience (Neuroscience, Immunology, Ophthalmology)
  • Increasing leadership positions in small and large pharma and biotech organizations (Schering, Lundbeck, Sanofi, Wave Life Sciences, Triplet Therapeutics)
  • MD from Technical University of Munich, Germany, PhD from University of Edinburgh, UK


The company veriNOS pharmaceuticals was founded in August 2022 and is privately owned entity supported by institutional and individual investors.
Ronopterin is an allosteric inhibitor of inducible NO synthase (i-NOS) that rapidly decreases the excessive production of NO resulting from acute overactivation of this enzyme. Ronopterin has no significant effect on the physiological production of NO by other constitutive NO-synthesizing enzymes that are essential for brain and body function.
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